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We are Enfield's only purpose built rehearsal facility and we pride ourselves on delivering a high quality experience for your rehearsal. Our sessions are fully staffed which means you will always have a helping hand.


All of your backline, mics and PA are provide as standard. No sneaky hidden costs! You will always find the latest industry standard equipment provied including all valve guitar amplifiers in every room, Shure SM58 vocal microphones and a powerful 4kw RCF PA system.

 A wide selection of strings, leads, picks, drum sticks, ear plugs and refreshments are available from the office. We stock gear from brands such as Ernie Ball, Vic Firth, Fender Kirlin & Vocalzone. Free tea & coffee can be found upstairs in our well stocked kitchen.

ROOM 1 (5m x 5m)

- 5-piece Pearl Export drum kit
- Mark Bass 250 bass amp w/4x10 cab
- Fender Hot Rod Deville 1x12 guitar amp
- Peavy Classic 4x10 guitar amp
- Reid Sohn Acoustic Upright Piano
- Mackie ProFX12v3 12-Channel Analog Mixer
- 4 kW RCF PA system
- Shure SM58 vocal mic (as many as you need)

Weekdays before 6pm: £11.50 per hour

Weekday evenings: £14.50 per hour (minimum 3 hour booking)

Weekends: £14.50 per hour

Cymbals, keyboard or guitar hire: £5 per session


Long Term Rehearsal Hire

Monday - Friday 10am-6pm 


You get access to room 3 all to yourself with full backline and PA provided, plus your own key. This a great opportunity for writing, teaching, long rehearsals, pre production etc. This can be split amongst more than one band to help spread the savings even further.

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